Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More on Baohaus: Old? Ugly? Stay Away!

Eddie Huang, owner of Baohaus and the impending Xiao Ye, clearly doesn't like older people, or plan on getting older himself.  His statements are vile (not to mention discriminatory); I will never go near an establishment of his again.  [Eater]


Anonymous said...

haha - are you serious? it was a joke. it's not even possible that you could have interpreted that hyperbolic language as his true beliefs. i guess you're just not one for self expression, film, art, comedy, or humanity.

Anonymous said...

haha - are you that thick minded that you don't get it was a joke? you think such hyperbolic speech could be sincere? you must not like art, comedy, films, humanity...

Barbara Hanson said...

Would it be a joke if I said nasty things about Asians? Those words were unpleasant and mean.

Is art about being horrid to a specific group of people? I think not.

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