Monday, April 26, 2010

Baohaus, or, wherein I disagree with every other NYC food blogger

 I'd been planning to go to Baohaus for some time, but kept putting it off due to a sense of unease.  Frankly, I was shying away from it, because Baohaus's pork bun was being cried up as the only pork bun now worth eating, and, oh, how deluded, nay, misguided we had all been before this charming little place came along and led us to the light.  Really?

It's a Taiwanese style bun; that is, it's more like an open-faced sandwich that the jelly-doughnut style pork bun that most of us are accustomed to.  Yes, the place is adorable, the people are charming, and the quality of the ingredients in the pork bun is impeccable, even though the tasty pork was so chewy that I had to shred it with my fingers.  But $4.50 for a two-bite bun?  That's one expensive little snack. 

I'll stick with the likes of Mei Li Wah, where I can get a super pork bun that serves as a meal...for about a buck.  Or stay closer to home, where I can get two plain slices for $4.50.  Maybe it's me, maybe it's the changes in the neighborhood, but I'm altogether tired of being offered tiny things for big bucks.

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