Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Luke's Lobster Is Fine by ME

I'm not sure I altogether approve of lobster rolls being available beyond New England (see rant here) but if they are going to take up residence in Manhattan, I'm glad that there are some lobster rolls like those at Luke's Lobster:  Priced like Maine, made like Maine.  The kind you can walk with, and eat two of for lunch. I kinda knew, from the moment I saw the blackboard listing where today's lobster was from, that this was going to be good. 
It was wicked good.  Chunks of claw and knuckle meat, lightly dressed, in a perfectly grilled trad bun.  No fork needed.  Bruce, the man from Maine, wanted to know what happened to the tail and body meat, not to mention the roe and tomalley.  I expect that they'll  turn up in the bisques and stews that are said to be coming soon.

As you can see, the rolls are very lightly dressed, which shows off the lobster nicely.  I would nonetheless have liked more mayonnaise (available upon request), but that may just be my own mayo lust speaking:  I knew for sure that the man from Maine was a keeper when I saw the quart jar of Hellman's in his fridge.

I'm looking forward to going back for a crab roll.  As anyone who knows crabs knows: Maryland's got the rep; Maine's got the crab.

(Luke's Lobster is at 93 East 7th St., bet 1st & A.  Limited seating, but a great many  lobster joints in Maine don't have any seating at all.  Lobster rolls are $14; small ones $8.)

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