Friday, March 06, 2009

A Very Yogurt Thursday

Stopped by Daydream Frozen Yogurt yesterday. I'm really not caught up in the fro-yo craze, but I was hungry and felt I deserved a treat, because the Trader Joe's around the corner is now consistently too crowded for any sane person to enter, which has put something of a crimp in my food shopping. No thaw-and-eat edamame until the recession recedes, I guess.

Daydream's pomegranate yogurt was tart and refreshing. The best part for me was the wacky fruit dust, which came in blackberry, cranberry, raspberry, and a whole lot of other berriness. The powder is made from organic fruit; it adds an extra hit of flavor--not to mention kicky color--to your bowl. I was also impressed with the silver plastic silverware (as it were).
On a very local yogurt note, the Avenue A Key Food is selling 1 1/2 quart containers of Edy's frozen yogurt on a buy one, get one free basis, which means that each container winds up costing around three bucks. The tart yogurt and honey swirl is delicious over slightly thawed frozen berries, and will be even better come fruit season.
Daydream Frozen Yogurt
110 3rd Ave. @ 13th

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