Friday, March 06, 2009

Big Balls in Bensonhurst

Headed out to Bensonhurt recently to research an upcoming Serious Eats New York post on the weird but yummy slipper lobster. Once done with that, I set out to explore a neighborhood I hadn't been to in forever.
First stop is a branch of the three decades old local chain, Meats Supreme, whose slogan is "Where Family Tradition Still Matters." Almost didn't go in, as it looked like a standard Brooklyn independent market (and thank god some still exist!) from the outside, and was packed with shoppers doing their Saturday marketing. That would have been a big mistake as, in the back of the store, there was a huge case of prepared foods, lots of it Italian, including two or three kinds of rice ball(I lost track, the sight of all that food before lunch was making me dizzy). I got the large, which might better have been called enormous. (Also scored a package of the elusive Thomas' English Muffin Maple French Toast, which is ethnically confused, but yummy.)
Hopped on the el, got home, and sauced up the balls, which were more packed with meat than any I've ever seen. No snack these, but a full meal.
Meats Supreme
1949 86th Street

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