Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Bird, Day Two: Not Very Chinese Chicken Salad

After dealing with the pan in which I roasted the big fat chicken, as well as myriad other dishes, I decided that day 2's dinner should involve a minimum of cleanup. So, into the bowl goes mayo (light okay, nonfat revolting, don't even think it), grated ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil.  Mix and taste and add and taste until you like it.  I added a good shot of hot sauce. 

Chop up a good handful of cilantro, a few scallions,  and the contents (well, of course) of a small can of water chestnuts.  Yank some chicken from the carcass, and shred with your hands.  If you're squirmy about such things, a knife will do, but pulling by hand is the way to go for the best texture.  Stir all of the foregoing into the box and mix thoroughly. 
To serve, top with some pomegranate seeds that you happen to have lying around in the fridge.  Ring with a crown of slightly broken chow-mein noodles.  Unnecessary, I know, but I'm from the if-a-little-is-good-more-is-better school. You should see my clothes. 

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