Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pancake Lemmings, or, Another Saturday at Clinton Street Bakery

Clinton Street, before nine a.m.  Onto the block they march, driven by their hive mind.  From Brooklyn, from Japan, from Iowa, they gather here, their temple of "in-the-know" New York, which they surely read about in an inflight magazine or  Shecky's New York.  Has this joint started selling postcards yet?

There are at least three hundred other brunch spots within five blocks but, no, only this one will do. They just have to eat there, so they can say they have.  I ate there myself, once or twice, long before the lemmings swarmed in.  I had pancakes.  They were pancakes...they didn't do backflips, read my palm, ride to my table on the back of a disgruntled badger, or do anything  that would warrant waiting in line at all. Particularly with that crowd.


thoughtfulplate said...

It is amazing the wait people are willing to endure for something that they also pay for. It's a hype IMO. I went there once. My friend got the pancakes (I just got a sandwich). She said they were quite sweet. Fluffy, but decadent.

Goggla said...

Bobby Flay did a pancake Smack-Down episode here, so maybe that has something to do with it. Better they line up here than at my fave spot...

imascatterbrain said...

Well, living where I did, I was obliged to give it a try - not a sit down try, mind you, just carry out.

Best mixed-berry scone of the space-time continuum,

paired with . . .
the worst lemonade ever to not come straight out of the Lemon-X gun in a bar.

Like Citrus-scented Lysol and corn syrup!

"Maybe you want some extra sugar or honey will make it better?"

I fled!

But I can't walk by without getting a scone.

Barbara Hanson said...

The point is that you can't walk by, if you live on the block. Clinton Street is clogged from dawn to dusk.

imascatterbrain said...

Well, you can't expect me to follow your clearly communicated ideas, can you? "The point is that you can't walk by, if you live on the block." while my own ideas are off in so many directions?

I want to talk about MY visit
to Clinton Bakery, me me me!

imascatterbrain said...

of course, it was all the white chicks moving to BloHo that started
this circus...

Aside from me & you, this traffic might not have developed for several more days!

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