Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the Bahn Mi Zon

Stopped into Bahn Mi Zon, a sunny little Vietnamese place last Saturday, that swoonily sunny day that would have made eating anything heavy seem heretical.  The space is small, but airy and welcoming; the walls are covered with photos of Vietnam and Cambodia that are both astonishing and charming.  Jazz tootles in the background.

We got an order of summer rolls, which we watched being made directly behind the counter.  This may seem like a small matter, but I have had far too many summer rolls that were tough of skin and tired of filling because they had been sitting in the fridge since seven in the morning.  These rolls were tender and fresh, packed with herbs and sparkling.  As a snack for two people for $4.50, they are hard to beat.  My only complaint was that the accompanying peanut sauce was mild enough for a PBJ.  A spoonful of hot sauce set that right, and I  contentedly ate on the bench outside, contemplating the promise of summer.

Ban Mi Zon
443 East 6th St (at Ave A)


imascatterbrain said...

awright, you dint MAKE me click to see the jumbo photos super close-up drool yummy goodness so close in front of my MOUTH,
but couldn't you have put one of those "warning graphic contents" windows up?

These spring rolls are obscene they look so good!

Melanie said...

I love these rolls. Will try them next time.

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