Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Food Day Roundup

I'm really not getting Sam Sifton's style. In  following the slightly camp and very much out Frank Bruni as NYT restaurant critic, he seems a bit desperate to come off as hypermasculine. Not digging it thus far.
On the other hand, the NYT's Mark Bittman is my kind of guy. One of his latest recipes, for an improvisational Yakisoba, will be hitting my frying pan tonight.
The world's best pizzas sure as hell don't look like pizza to me. []
It seems to be rather a slow day for food news, and I'd rather be obsessively tracking the approach of the NHL's trade deadline, anyway. Here's a Boston Bruins commercial that comes pretty close to combining my two chief obsessions: food and drink, and hockey.  Funny, too.

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