Monday, January 04, 2010

Yeah, But Can She Balance a Blade on Her Ear?


                                                                                                    Top Chef
The kitchen radio, which sits on top of a bookcase full of cookbooks and  kitchen implements, was plugged in.  In order to make toast, I had to unplug the radio from the extension cord, which was twined around a stool that had no business being there, bend down, and plug in the toaster, which sits a mere three feet away on the windowsill.  Easy for one of my grace and agility.  All was going more or less to plan, when I felt a small explosion in my right ear, followed by heavy pressure .  I was bent over facing the floor, afraid to move, as I was pretty sure that a large glass measuring cup was also balanced between the bookcase and my neck. Bruce ambled in (odd occurences involving me and inanimate objects are distressingly common around here) and reported that the ultrasharp Cuisinart blade, which had been stored in the measuring cup,  was curled around my right ear. He lifted it off gently (the blade, not my ear).   Nary a nick.  The measuring cup  escaped without injury.

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