Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sigmund Pretzel Shop and Luke's Lobster, A Couple of 2009 Faves, Revisited

Sigmund Pretzel Shop, which I talked about not too long ago, has made it onto my list of happy places; a happy place being defined as a store/restaurant/bar that you know you will leave feeling better than when you walked in. The garlic-parsley pretzel tastes--and-smells--like the sensational spawn of a pretzel and a garlic knot.  No excess oil, lots of garlic. I passed on the dip, as the only condiment I could envision with it was marinara.

Another happy place?  Yes, Luke's Lobster.  Again.  I'll keep this brief, for those of you who have heard enough about the crustaceans of East 7th Street for the present. The Maine Man (my husband, not Luke) and I were being a little spitty and hissy about various nothings, when he suggested that we hoof it over to Luke's and have a couple of crab rolls.  We opted  for  shrimp rolls instead, as they were on sale to commemorate the start of Maine shrimp season. I felt we might have been taking a chance, as  I hadn't had perfectly sweet, diminutive  Maine shrimp in any satisfactory guise since eating a shrimp parfait somewhere in Falmouth Foreside (I once made an unfortunate slip and called it Falmouth Foreplay) in the 1980s.

 It was our favorite roll thus far, an exemplar of how little one needs to do to Maine seafood except let its flavors sing out. Parfaits notwithstanding, of course.

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Scott Reiner said...

liked the pretzels at sigmund, but was not crazy about the sandwiches. pretzel 'bun' kept breaking apart...

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