Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black Twigs Are In!

The black twig, which can only be described as a cult favorite apple, has made its annual late October appearance at the Locust Grove Fruit Farm stand at the Union Square Farmers Market.  Hard and tart yet sweet, this 1868 heritage apple (some say it is from Arkansas, as one of its parents is said to be Arkansas Black; others claim it for Tennessee) is great out of hand, in pies, and in sauces.  It's pretty good sauteeds in bacon fat, too, but what isn't?
  Twigs have a brief season--last year I missed them altogether due to a three-week flu.  This year, I'm making no mistakes and stocking up early.  Unless my big mistake was letting the Twig out of the bag.


akuban said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Hope I get to Union Square in time to pick some up.

Barbara Hanson said...

Great to hear from you, Adam! Enjoy the Black Twigs (and leave some for me).

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