Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Lobsters Are Good, Summer Not

Lobsters in the summer are not all that tasty, as the shedding of the shell results in water-logged flesh, but I'm expected to conjure up lobster rolls in late August every year for the man from Maine's birthday.  Didn't have time to schlep to the Lobster Place (having left just about everything this week until the very last minute), so bought a large cooked one at Citarella.  A little tough, a little bland.  But--and I can't stress this enough--all summer lobsters  pretty much suck.  I do things to them I would never dream of doing to a winter lobster.
  Confronted with thirty dollars of chewy dullness, I chopped the lobster meat pretty fine, and tossed it with lemon and lemon zest.  Then, I added four small chiffonaded tarragon leaves and some chopped chives.  And mayo, lots of mayo.  Chill.
  Also made a variety of cole slaw that has become quite popular in Maine over the last couple of decades; it includes canned pineapple in syrup.  I'll get back to that another day.  Heading for the Jersey shore; if I have connectivity, expect posts on corn and grilling and all that beachy stuff.  If not, see you in September.

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